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Flat Cap Point

Lime Stone 

Flat Cap Point

Flat Cap Point, a geographical landmark for the island, sits upon the headlands North of Little Bay and West of Limestone Beach. Unique with it North, West and Southwestern exposures, the property holds views down the coast of the island trailing into the distance, to Anguilla’s remarkable Sandy Island in the sea to the West, and dramatic Caribbean sunsets throughout the year. The northern waterfront bound of the property sits atop a dramatic cliffside cove providing exclusive private snorkeling.  West and Southwestern waterfront bounds of the property holds a range of cliffs, rock and more gently sloping lands to the sea.  Sitting on the highest point of the surrounding land, views from the top of the property include those to the east toward Limestone Beach.Little Bay, just a swim away to the South, is a hidden treasure.  Accessible only by boat or a precarious rope climb, it boasts the island’s best snorkeling and a dreamlike beach enclosed by a string of cliffs scattered with caves, coves and grottos. The waters of Little Bay are protected as a Marine Park prohibiting larger boats and anchoring. 





Plot Size

1 Acre

Living Space



Limestone Bay

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